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Indoor Games

Indian indoor games are very interesting. In the rural areas, the mode of entertainment is scanty whereby people invented rhymes or clapping of hands to devise a game. More merriment is done with indigenous games made from local availability. The modern era includes games like board games. The carom board is one game which intrigues the young and old. Several games like clay molding or activity games fall in the category of indoor games.


On a Rainy Day...
Kids who are used to being outdoors can start to go a little crazy after a few rainy days in a row. Rather than turning to the tv for entertainment try an old-fashioned indoor child game like a parlour game, board or dice game, card game, or a puzzle of some variety.

They require minimal props and eventhough individual rounds may only last 15 minutes your kids will be having so much fun that they will want to play again and again.

Don't think that you remember all the rules from your own hazy childhood somewhere back in the distance? That's okay! We've got them all here for you so you can get a refresher before the onslaught of your kids trying to beat you at your old favourites!

Cooking, Cleaning, Driving or Shopping?
Young children learn a great deal through pretend play, so even if they can't always help you with household chores, they will certainly enjoy imitating you! I let my daughter use the vacuum cleaner, she loves 'helping me' do the housework and it is always a great distraction when she's bored.

This type of indoor child game helps kids to understand the consequences of being messy; someone always has to clean up (and it's not always going to be mum!). Imitating games are a way that your children can learn about the value of money, responsibility, safety issues and caring for others, as well as having a great time ofcourse! Other forms of pretend play can involve dressing up where your child's imagination can take them anywhere in the world, or perhaps a magic show for the whole family to watch!

In The Mood For...
If you're looking for an indoor child game that's really quick to set up and not too messy, there are simple memory or learning games which only require your participation and time.

When they still need to do something active, you can use music, balloons and other simple household props, you might just need to safely put away all those priceless pieces!

Arty Crafty Stuff
If your children are inclined more towards creative indoor activities then you can help them with simple projects for puppet making, homemade toys, and instruments. There are also an endless number of craft projects to fill an afternoon, from the reasonably tidy; play dough, stencilling and the like, all the way up to pretty messy stuff like papier mache. If you can help and guide your kids with messier projects and set them up properly, then the 'mess factor' (and stress factor!) can be minimised and they can still have a great time.


Raksha Bandhan
Sisters eagerly awaits for her brother on the day of Raksha Bandhan...

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