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Martyrs' Day

‘Martyrs’ are the ones who have sacrificed their life for a cause that leads to the betterment of a majority of people/living beings. One such individual known for his incredible sacrifice and selfless contribution in order to achieve freedom for India was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, known as Bapuji. January 30, 1948 was the day Gandhiji was assassinated at Birla House where he was going to attend his evening prayers. Nathuram Godse was the man who shot bullets at Gandhiji. Martyrs day is observed on this day as a remembrance to the sad and untimely demise of this great leader. The day is also known as Gandhi Nirman Divas.

Earlier, the day was celebrated on the Republic day i.e., on the 26th of January. However, later it was celebrated on the death anniversary of Gandhiji. Gandhiji also known as the Father of the Nation was a follower of Satyagraha and Non Violence, which were his basic tools of war against the Britishers.

The day is generally celebrated by paying homage to the martyrs at the India Gate in New Delhi. This is done by the chiefs of the army, navy and the air force. In addition to this, the latest weapons, arms and ammunitions are showcased. The day starts with the wailing of the siren at 11 am in the morning at the government establishments. During the wailing, civilians too are supposed to stop their chores and observe silence for a few minutes.

The President, Prime Minister, Vice President and the Defense Minister are amongst the high level authorities who pay reverence at Rajghat which is the Samadhi of Gandhiji. Gandhiji never differentiated between religions. All religions were the same to him. Hence, on this day, prayers and songs of all the religions are played in front of Rajghat and bhajans are sung in his remembrance.

In the evening, candle lighting service takes place where school children, folks of the martyrs and other civilians light candles in their remembrance.

2009 was the 60th death anniversary of Gandhiji. As a mark of remembrance, on this occasion the left over ashes of the leader were immersed in the Arabian Sea.


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