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Republic Day

26th of January has been recorded in the history of India as the Indian Republic Day. It was on this date in 1950 when India got its Constitution drafted. India had got Independence on 15th August 1947, but the country had not adopted a Constitution of its own. It was a day when colonial India became the Republic of India. The dream of an Independent and Republic India, which our great leaders and freedom fighters where fighting for finally was a reality.

It has been a National holiday since then. India achieved Independence on 15th August 1947. But it did not have a constitution of its own and it took 3 years for the Drafting Committee to have a written constitution.

It is a national holiday on the January 26th every year. The Republic Day every year is celebrated with a lot of zeal and excitement in the capital city, Delhi. It starts off with a dedication and tribute to the souls of the martyrs who sacrificed their life in the achieving freedom for the nation. The celebration then proceeds with the President of India awarding medals to the army officials for their exceptional contribution and courage as well as the civilians who have provided their distinguish contribution in various fields.

Later a majestic parade takes place in front of the honorable President of India, which starts from the Raisina Hill near the President’s house passing through Rajghat. The parade is lead by different regiments of the Airforce, Army and the Navy.

It is followed by floats displayed by various states showing the diverse culture and tradition of all the states. The show attracts thousands of visitors who are awe struck by the magnificence of the parade.

States too take part in the celebration where the Governor of each state hoists the tricolor flag in the capital city. The citizens too celebrate the day by hoisting flags in residential complexes, streets and offices. Children celebrate the day in school, where activities like March past and speeches are conducted.

Thus, the day proceeds leaving behind a patriotic feeling in the mind of every Indian to dedicate his/her life for the service of the motherland.


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